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A Walk Around Tempurung Village
Tour Code: BT002 Duration: 3 hours Price: RM50.00 Minimum Person: 2

The village where Tempurung Seaside Lodge is located are people from the Bajaus and Bisayas community. At one time, the majority of the people were either fishermen or farmers. As time passes, development takes place and the children who are supposedly to replace their parents are now more educated and prefer working in offices in the city. However, those who stayed, continued and inherited their parents’ lifestyle.

A walk through the village is very interesting. Though the people of this village are friendly, they are a very shy lot. If any conversation is to take place, we need to initiate to break the ice. Once this is done and they are comfortable with us, they will even invite you into their houses, perhaps for some tea or coffee, thus a learning experience.

Tempurung Seaside Lodge derived its name from the name of the village - Tempurung which means coconut shell in Malay.

1400 Hrs

Commence your walk with a guide from the lodge.
You will walk along the coast for a few minutes and into a fruit orchard. A short stop by the fruit orchard to observe tropical fruits, plants and flowers and perhaps try some if it is the fruiting season.

Visit a house or two to observe the lifestyle of the locals. Stop by the village for a cup of coffee and try a bowl of tradtional noodle chicken soup before proceeding back to the lodge.