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Ride The Klias River
Tour Code: BT001 Duration: 6 hours Price: RM130.00 per person Minimum Person: 2

The Klias River is situated in the Klias Peninsula which is a secondary forest reserve. It is cared for by Sabah State Forestry Department and is 20 minutes away from the Tempurung Seaside Lodge. This forest reserve is home to large concentration of the fame Proboscis monkeys. With its bulging pot belly and long pendulum nose, the proboscis monkeys have long been a symbol of the Klias Wetland. It is one of the world’s most unusual primates and found only in the coastal areas of Borneo.

Other primates such as the silver leaf monkeys are also found. The silver leaf monkeys also fall under the coastal and riverine primates. A distinctive feature of the very agile silver leaf monkey is its tuft hair on top of its head which can easily distinguish itself from the naughty and playful macaque. Of course, the macaques are also found in abundance here as well.

Other forms of wildlife found here are crocodiles, monitor lizards, varieties of coastal and riverine birds, civets, Buffy fish owl, fruit bats, otters though very rare, snakes and occasionally wild boar.

Observing fireflies that line up the Klias River banks is the highlight of your visit. As dusk sets in, millions of fire flies flicker their wings producing lights that will mesmerise you. Its Christmas all the year round at the Klias River.

This tour can be arranged from the lodge with the following itinerary:

1530 Hrs Transfer to Klias River
1600 Hrs Arrive at jetty platform where tea and coffee will be served with Malays cakes and cookies.
1645 Hrs

Commence your river cruise in search of wildlife.

1915 Hrs Retraced your boat cruise back to the jetty for a traditional Malay dinner.
1945 Hrs Transfer back to Tempurung Seaside Lodge.


  • RM160.00 per person
  • Two (2) persons to go
  • Price includes 2 way transfers from Tempurung Seaside Lodge to Klias jetty and back to Tempurung Seaside Lodge, dinner, boat ride, life jacket and welcome drinks.

Things to bring along:

  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Torch light
  • Raincoat

Recommended Attire:

  • Light long sleeve shirt
  • Long pants
  • Walking shoes